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Emar Batalha

Emar Batalha is a jeweler whose dynamic and enthusiastic personality stands out in the pieces that carry her signature. Unique and exclusive jewels pop up in precious stones patchworks bringing to light her unusual colors combination ability and her “ joie de vivre” .
Nature and its nuances are her source of inspiration due to the Vitoria Island landscape in Brazil – where she was born and where she opened her first store – along with her travelling experiences around the world. This cosmopolitan lifestyle made of work and escapes to paradisiac places lead to her “ flex” jewelry concept : every new design is the source of multiple others giving birth to different looks for unlike events. This eclectic appeal added to a chromatic palette of her own matches perfectly the so particular brazilian DNA colors. Autodidact, Emar began creating accessories for herself. As a teen, she standed out for her attractive style “ flair”. Within a few years she slowly added to that gifted sixth sense the precious metals artcrafting experience. Her friends were her first clients a decade ago leading to her actual performance as a jeweler and business woman. Besides all the collections that flirt with High End jewelry along with the Bridal and Kid’s ones, the designer also develops one of a kind custom made pieces.